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Prophetic Word

April 7, 2011

Prior to receiving the prophetic word from the Lord below, I began to hear in my spirit bells ringing. Then I began to hear the song written by song artist Keith Green for resurrection day.

I heard these words in the song:

"Hear the bells ringing their singing Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. The angels upon the tombstone said QUICKLY Now," go tell the disciples Jesus Christ is no longer dead! Joy to the world, He has risen, Hallelujah!" The word "Quickly" stuck out to me. I began to say, Quickly spread the gospel! Preach Ressurection Power! Quickly, don't hold back any longer, don't delay, but Quickly go!

Then the Lord took me into a vision, and I saw the Liberty Bell, and I saw the crack within the bell. He told me to look up a picture of the Liberty Bell. So when I looked up a picture, the scripture on the Liberty Bell hit my spirit.

Inscribed on the Liberty Bell:

"Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants."

Leviticus 25:10

After I read the scripture, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me the prophetic word below about the United States of America and His Church (Ekklesia).

The Lord said, Listen do you hear the bells, for the bells have been silent, the bells have been void of sound. I am sounding the bells!

Do you know what time it is?

For I am making an announcement, hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying to the churches, I am making a Proclamation! The time is upon you. What you have been praying for is upon you. The streets are ready, the town hall is ready, and the fields are white. The time is now!

Do not sit in despair of what was, look up, look up, look up!

The Lord says the shifting is taking place. The shifting is in process, for the foundations are cracked in the United States of America. The cracks will expand as the shifting takes place. The Lord began to show me in a vision the cracks as they are laid open in the foundation of the United States of America.

The Lord says, there has been underlying darkness, and I am busting things up and breaking things open, causing chasms.

Within the darkness of man's hearts, man's schemes, in the dark places of this country's foundation, are unholy alliances, deep, dark, damp places that have brought forth a fungus in the spirit and a bacteria of evil, it is spiritually viral.

For I am about to shine my light of Glory in these cracks and dark places, I am about to expose the viral things to my light, to my power, for what man does in secret will come into the light.

I am riding in, do you hear the sound of my hooves touching the earth? My ear is not deaf to your prayers. My ear is not deaf to your cries for this nation, know that I am hearing!

Know that I am responding! For there has been a crack in your foundation, a crack in your liberty for I the Lord am making a proclamation, to the cities, to the nations!

During the pulling back and uncovering, my people should not be in disarray, Look Up, I say Look Up, Look Up! Keep your eyes focused Upwards.

This world is blinding to my plans. It will knock you out of kilter. Keep your eyes out of the world's muck, cast down all imaginations, keep yourself at peace with your sisters and brothers, keep your eyes focused upward.

For the enemy has risen in boldness, this is not the time to back down. This is a time to Rise Up! With my Holy Boldness!

This is time to receive my courage, Proclaim the word of my Gospel, and speak my truth without hesitation.

There is a crack in your liberty, there is a crack in your freedom, this is national, this is local, and this personal.

There is a healing wave coming to this nation, healing the wounds of yesteryears.

The backbone of my church has been broken down. Fractured, torn, and fragmented. I am healing and restoring my people's, my church's backbone. I am inserting a much stronger backbone then there ever was—a backbone of strength and vigor.

I am healing my people, my church, putting my people back into alignment with me. I am restoring the backbone of my gospel to be preached. It is coming back into this nation. It is coming back to my people.

I see waves of healing for backs. There is a healing anointing for backs being released into the church. I am seeing everyone who gets prayer for their backs will be healed! God is restoring backs!

The Lord says, Do you hear the bells ringing? It is the season you have been pregnant with. The time you have been laboring for, preparing for, crying out for.

Many of my people are sitting on the fence. They are looking at both sides, coming to the point of decision.

The Lord says, chose this day whom you will serve?

Will you chose to serve self or me?

Don't get caught up in the schemes of the wicked one, don't have your eyes set on worldly things, don't have your eyes set on others, have your eyes upward.

Church, what you have been waiting for is upon you! The bells are beginning to ring the hour is upon you, the horses are riding.

I see a horse with bells on. I see the riders of the horses ringing what looks like liberty bells. Proclaiming Liberty throughout the Land!

In Love with Jesus,

Tammy Brunk

(This prophetic word was submitted for apostolic judgment and accountability).


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