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Tammy Brunk


In June of 1998, Tammy’s life was radically changed! She and her husband were birthed into the Kingdom of God in the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. Their lives and marriage were miraculously healed and restored.


Tammy says, "As she was born into the Kingdom of God she received a birthmark." The Glory of God 'marked' her at birth, and the presence of God encoded her DNA." She says, "Outside of  the presence of God, nothing else, satisfies."

Since then, they have been on fire, pursuing God and His manifest Glory. The next Great Awakening Revival burns within their hearts.


Tammy says her first calling is to be a follower of Jesus Christ, to minister to Him, and develop a deep personal relationship with Him. To know the Father as His daughter, pleasing Him, as Jesus taught, to be filled, and led by Holy Spirit. She says, because she is so in love with Jesus, she wants to fulfill His will for her life. She says, at the end of the day, she wants to be found as His good and faithful servant, casting her crown at His feet.

Tammy loves being married and a wife to her best friend, Brian Brunk, and a mother of four, three boys and a girl. She considers her family to be her first and foremost responsibility and joy in her ministry calling.


Her assignment as a prophetic voice in the Kingdom of God is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the young and old, leading people into personal encounters with Him, teaching God's sons and daughters how to come into their Identity and hear the voice of God. To equip, mature, develop character and build up the body of Christ for the work of the ministry. To make sure she does her part in the discipleship of nations, raising and sending out the harvesters into their fields, fulfilling the great commission: Baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, healing the sick, delivering the captives and spreading the gospel around the world. 


In 1999 God led Tammy and Brian to a church that disciples. For 16 years, they served under apostolic and prophetic ministries and assigned leaders in Jacksonville, Florida. During that time of serving, they helped build another person(s) ministry, and in doing so, they were trained, equipped, and matured for their calling into ministry. They were initially ordained into the ministry in 2008.


During their training, Tammy’s call to preach was activated in 2006; she began preaching during a weekly/monthly event called David’s Army and leading in intercession gatherings.


In 2009 as she was being raised as a prophetic voice, she began preaching “Freedom ministry Int'l” and leading David’s Army.


In 2011 she was part of a youth group Radical leadership team where she served and ministered to the youth.


In 2012 she began leading "freedom rooms," and during that time, Tammy’s teaching gift was revealed and activated. She developed and activated Fire Evangelism. She trained healing and prophetic evangelistic teams to go out into the community.


During that time, she was positioned as Dean over Northeast Florida, Wagner Leadership Institute, where she served four years. Her Dean duties also consisted of Vice-Chancellor duties: Growing Wagner Leadership Institute, teaching classes, developing new lessons and classes, training, equipping, imparting, and activating students. During that time, she was also raising-up and positioning new teachers and team (staff) members.


She was promoted in 2016 to N.E. Florida Wagner Leadership Institute Vice-Chancellor.


Tammy also led in their local church for three years 2013 to 2016. She was leading and preaching Sunday morning ‘First Day” services as she was building and maturing God's sons and daughters. God began to reveal and activate more of Tammy's gifting. She started to walk in more words of knowledge for healing-miracles; people began to be miraculously healed and testifying of what Jesus had done in their physical bodies. 


During that time, she was the leader over the pastoral team, helps team, Intercession team, and dance team. Raising-up, next-level leaders, to position and expand the work of the ministry.  She led David’s Army weekends for eight years, training and equipping in worship, the prophetic, watchmen, prophetic intercessors, and dancers.


Tammy trained prophetic teams and led prophetic teams into Brazil as part of their international ministry. Where they saw lives changed, and healing-miracles happen.


Tammy graduated with her Masters in practical ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute in 2016.

On the evening of December 31st, 2015, the Lord spoke to Tammy and Brian and told them to set their eyes on Orlando in 2016, for He will be transitioning them out of Jacksonville into central Florida.

Tammy and Brian finished their assignments in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 16th, 2016. They were formally blessed and released from their local church assignment on November 20th, 2016, as they began their journey into Central Florida. 

Tammy and her family moved into Orlando, Florida January 2017 to launch the ministry and vision God gave them in 2013. For more information about their vision, go to the Tammy Brunk website and click on vision.

Through Tammy and Brian's transition, they were aligned apostolically with Ken and Cheryl Malone, and Forerunner Ministry's. God positioned Brian and Tammy as a spiritual son and daughter to Ken and Cheryl. The ministry call on their lives was recognized, established, and they were Ordained April 2019; with Forerunner Ministries: Ken and Cheryl Malone, and N.E.I: Dutch Sheets Ministry. For more information about Tammy's alignments, go to her affiliations on her website.

Tammy is the founder of the Awakening Harvest School of ministry (online). First-year Kingdom Foundations was launched in fall 2018.

In 2019, Tammy Brunk Ministries launched the School of The Prophetic as a track that students can take in the Awakening Harvest School of Ministry. 

In 2020, Tammy Brunk Ministries launched Awakening Harvest School of ministry (online). Second-year Kingdom Leadership.

In 2021, Tammy Brunk Ministries launched the School of Healing, Miracles & Deliverance

For more information about Awakening Harvest School of Ministry, visit Tammy Brunk's website and click on School or go to

In 2022, Tammy Brunk Ministries launched BE FREE. May 2022, the First in-person Training and Equipping event.

May 2022 - We held our First Awakening Harvest School of Ministry Graduation. 

August 2022 - Tammy attended "Christ for All Nations," Evangelism Intensive Crusade Training, and Equipping BootCamp. 

November 2022 - Tammy Graduated from CFAN, Evangelism BootCamp.

November 2022- Tammy was ordained with "Christ for All Nations" by Daniel Kolenda and Russ Benson. 

Tammy is the author of Born Identity the book, due for release this year. She developed Born Identity teaching and has taught several six-week classes. She developed the Born Identity event and launched the event weekend in Orlando, Florida, in September 2017. For more information about Born Identity, check out her website and click on Born Identity.

Tammy is also the founder of "Igniting a Generation" a prophetic mentoring group. For more information, click on the link "resources" on the menu bar.

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