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Tammy Brunk is Ordained through "Christ For All Nations" with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Pastor Russ Benson. 

Brian and Tammy Brunk attend and serve at "We are Nations Church" in Orlando Florida. 

Tammy and Brian Brunk are Ordained into the gospel ministry through Forerunner Ministries with Ken and Cheryl Malone and N.E.I. With Dutch Sheets.

Ken and Cheryl Malone are Brian and Tammy's spiritual Father and Mother. They are part of their Sons and Daughters and their regional family of believers at Kingdom Gate in Satellite Beach, Florida. 

Tammy and Brian are in Apostolic Alignment with Ken and Cheryl Malone and Forerunner Ministry. 

Tammy is part of Becca Greenwoods Intercessory Ministry, SPAN. 

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