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Prophetic word

While spending time in Moravian Falls, N.C. in September 2013, The Spirit of the Lord came upon me and spoke these words to me for the Church (Ekklesia).

I believe these words are relevant to the church today.

(This word is part-one of a three-part word).

Isaiah 49:11 I will Make every Mountain a Road, and My Highways shall be elevated.

Many have been on a Pilgrimage, holding fast to my words, to my revelation, to my promises. Many have experienced the treacherous terrain, the heat of the battle, the thirst from the parched land. Many have looked and have seen no relief in sight, only finding they are looking back to what was, second-guessing my word for them.

Some have veered off to the places unknown to them, saying, "I The Lord have sent them;" For the Lord says, I have not sent them to these places. I am calling those back to their rightful place.

Some are wondering, I’m calling those out of their doubt and unbelief. Those who have grown weary, I’m strengthening.

I am calling those out of the wilderness, out of hiding, out of straggling, for I am calling my Remnant together, to be reconciled. Back to the places I have carved out for their pilgrimage.

For the Lord is clearing out, moving out, sending out, for those who have lost their way He is leading them out of the snare, he is leading them out of deception, as he leads them back to the truth.

The Lord is releasing hope back to the hopeless, love back to the loveless, and life back to the lifeless.

For I The Lord creates the passage; the thoroughfare. I, the Lord, make a way where my people do not know away. Removing the barriers and smoothing out the paths.

The Lord says, where there is no path, look a path! Where there is no road, look a road! Where there is no bridge, look, I have parted the waters!

It takes a humbling of one’s mind and an act of one's faith to pass through the Doors I open before you.

As I opened the passageway for Moses and the Israelites, it was not the way they expected to escape. My way took an act of obedience, an act of Faith. Where the possible met the impossible, my way took a Miracle; I’m a God of Miracles!

Moses and the Israelites could not give the Glory to another for their passage.

Just like the days of Moses, just like the days of Elijah, I am coming onto the scene of humanity, I am coming onto the scene to make history, I am coming onto the scene to bring about the fulfillment of my promises.

The Lord says I will remove barriers that have held my people down and kept them back from advancement.

In Love with Jesus,

Tammy Brunk

*"Passage defined: A movement from one place to another, as by going, through, (Breakthrough) over, or across; transit or migration."

*"The process of passing from one condition or stage to another;

Transition An act of moving or passing from one place or state to another

Away of exit or entrance: (Open Gateway and/or Doorway) a road, path, channel, or course by which something passes."

*(definition from Free Dictionary online)

(This prophetic word was submitted for apostolic judgment and accountability).

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