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Church this is your Finest Hour!

Prophetic Word the Lord gave to me,

May 8th, 2020.

The Lord is saying starting this year 2020;

the Ekklesia (Church) must arise and take their place in the United States of America.

The Lord is saying, Church, you are the salt and the light. The light that shines in the darkness and the salt that preserves.

This year is a turning year! If my Ekklesia (Church) arises in my authority, it will turn this nation for my purpose and Greater Glory, and the great destiny I have placed within my people, and the land of this nation will be released. The great destiny of this nation will impact the nations of the world.  

If my church does not arise and take their place, this nation will turn towards captivity, and great will be the loss of inheritance and destiny. Bitterness will become the drink of the day.

The Lord says, Come out from among the naysayers! The deceptions and lies that are being propagated through-out your land through your media and governments. Do not come into agreement with the will of your adversary for your nation. Align with my will, my heart, and my ways for your nation.

Do not be like Esau, and give up your birthright over a bowl of lentils. Fight for your Birthright! Do not allow yourself to be distracted in the days ahead. Keep your eyes on me, says the Lord, do not look to the right or the left. The enemy of your nation is the enemy of me; my enemy is the enemy of you, my Ekklesia (Church).

It is time to fight! Do not fight from a place of fear; fight from being an overcomer and victorious through me for this United States of America.

Use your voice; do not delay! The hour of turning is upon you. Dismantle the evil's systematic operations within, and from the East and the North that is circumventing your government.

There is treason in your Land. There is innocent bloodshed in your Land and evil in your Land. Do not hide your face, confront, uproot, dismantle, and establish my will for your nation. 

Jeremiah 1:9-10

Then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said to me: “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.

See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms,

To root out and to pull down,

To destroy and to throw down,

To build and to plant.”

What is my will, you may ask? I am the God of Life, Freedom, Truth, Mercy, and Justice; if you do not see these operations, I am not for it.

During your time in quarantine, you have tasted captivity, some more than others. The enemy has a cup of captivity planned for you. Yes, the enemy has a meticulous plan for you. My mercy has allowed this root system to be exposed. My people are called to pull out this root system and dismantle the enemy's plan. I have called you to be an overcoming victorious Ekklesia (Church), through me, Jesus Christ.

In Love with Jesus,

Tammy Brunk

(This prophetic word was submitted for apostolic judgment and accountability).


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