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Called Out

When the Lord gives us a vision, His vision will require faith, a level of faith that we have never experienced or exercised before. When the Lord calls us out with His vision, our dependency must be on Jesus Christ.

If we depend on ourselves, our circumstances, and others, we will waver in our faith. However, when our eyes are entirely fixed on Jesus and utterly dependent upon Him, He will work miracles on our behalf. He will cause us to come into divine connections. He will open doors and make ways that seemed impossible.

When Father God gives us His vision for our lives, we can find ourselves dependent upon people and set them on a pedestal. We look to them as our assurance, source, and resource. We look to them for our success and breakthrough. As a result, we can find ourselves seeking out human abilities.

When Jesus called Peter to step out of the boat, Jesus called Peter out of personal security. Jesus called Peter to walk on water and defy gravity, logic, and reason. Jesus called Peter out, alone, into the unknown.

Jesus called Peter into the miraculous, where Peter could rely on no one else. Peter could not depend on others or himself. Peter could not even depend on what was under his feet. He had to rely on Jesus Christ entirely. He was stripped of any other choice. When Peter set his eyes on Jesus, all the fear, insecurities, and inferiority disappeared, and the impossible became possible. Peter stepped into the miraculous!

"Peter could not even depend on what was under his feet."

Once Peter took his eyes off Jesus, all the impossibilities, insecurities, and human inabilities came rushing back. As a result, Peter lost his focus and began to be overtaken by fear.

Fear completely opposes our transition into the call God has purposed and destined for our lives. Fear comes to diminish our faith, intimidate and paralyze us. It is in the presence of Jesus that all the fear that targets and harasses us is gone.

    When Peter set his gaze on Jesus Christ, Peter stepped out into the presence of Jesus. In His presence, we find our confidence, boldness, and security to do the call for our lives. We do everything He has asked us to do in, through, and from His presence. Everything we are and everything we need is in Jesus Christ.

"In the presence of the Lord, we find our

confidence, boldness, and security."

In our times of transition, as Jesus says, follow me! You will step out into the great unknown. When we follow the will of the Father for our lives, it won't always make sense to our logic and reasoning. Other people will not always receive the vision the Lord gave us. When we begin to step into the vision and move by faith, some will not agree and reject what God has called us to do. People may even abandon and betray us; however, we should not be moved or become bitter about their rejection, abandonment, and betrayal. We must recognize our hope, and our help comes from the Lord, and He will never fail us. We must quickly forgive and move forward with Jesus Christ, never taking our eyes off Him.

When Jesus calls us out, it doesn't mean we are an island unto ourselves and do not need people. It does not mean that we forsake the gathering of believers together. It means we follow the Lord's plan and strategy for our lives. We must know the timing and the seasons and that He will direct our steps according to His perfect will. He will disconnect and unhinge us from people, places, and things along the way. We have to be surrendered, willing, and determined.

We may find our current relationships are being redefined and be introduced to new divine relationships orchestrated by the spirit of the Lord. Our transition into our vision is not always easy; however, I have learned whatever we do not allow to make us quit and take us out will make us stronger in and through Christ Jesus. At the end of the day, we will rise in triumphant faith!

"When Jesus calls us out, it doesn't mean we are an island unto ourselves

and do not need people.

It does not mean that we forsake the gathering of believers together."

Remember, "If God is for you, who can be against you?" Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. Jesus wants to see you become the person He created you to be and fulfill the destiny and purpose for which you are called.

All Is For His Glory,

~Tammy Brunk


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