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What Do you See?

Vision March 2019

The Lord asked me what do you see? As a vision began to open up before me. As a movie, I saw an awakening harvest of souls. The Lord revealed to me in a greater measure that the awakening consisted of many types of harvest fields.

He opened up the vision to me, we came upon the first field of Harvest.

The first harvest field was called the Returning.


I saw a Returning of great proportion. A returning of the hearts back to our first love, Jesus Christ.  A returning to intimacy with Him.

Then I saw a wind blow upon the word of God, a Bible. The wind blew it open as a Fresh Awakening Fire of Hunger came upon the people to read, know and encounter Jesus.


As the Word of God was opened, I saw the Fire being released from the pulpits again, a returning to the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The message of the blood, the cross, repentance, salvation, holiness, and righteousness where being released across the land.

I saw a returning to prayer and fasting being ignited in the believer’s heart, A longing for Him. I saw a hunger that burst forth with a crying out for the more of Him, for His presence.

I saw a harvest of deliverance representing the seven churches of Revelation, repenting, breaking through, overcoming, remaining faithful and returning back to Him.

Then I saw Him begin to open a scroll and out of the scroll came instructions for His beloved, The Church.


There is a calling for us to be lovers of God, a calling for us to pursue peace with all people and holiness. To pursue our Identity and purpose which is in Christ Jesus. There is a calling for equipping, maturity and sonship.


For the scroll reveals the second harvest:


The third harvest was of His sons and daughters.


The harvest of those who mentally, emotionally and spiritually live as orphans. He is calling out of the orphanages into His arms, to know the Father as Jesus revealed. To bring hope, life, security, and maturity to His people.


He revealed that the return of the spirit of Elijah is upon us and being made manifest. There is a turning of the hearts towards the Fathers and hearts of the fathers towards the sons and daughters. 

Then I saw Him as He was on a white horse. He began to ride through the fields of wheat with a sickle in His hand. He was riding towards the Third Harvest Field.


He passed by a lot of wheat fields and went to a specific field off in the distance. As I was watching Him, He stopped and turned to me. And pointed to this particular area, He said these are those who are wounded, fragmented and broken by religious leaders. Leaders that do not have my heart for my people.


The leaders themselves are wounded and therefore wound others.  I want to bring a harvest of healing and restoration to the wounded leaders and those they have wounded. I want to remove the lies, hurts, wounds, betrayal, and abandonment.

This is my harvest of restoration.

As I saw Him turn back with His sickle, He gently began to harvest them out of bitterness into forgiveness and healing. He had a tenderness and loving-kindness that was released through the gathering of His wounded children now being made whole. For those that are healed spirit, soul and body will become healers.


Then He began to ride through the fields of harvest again, He was moving swiftly and fast with His sickle in his hand. He was moving as if He was chasing something. He came to this vast valley full of wheat. Mountains were surrounding it. The wheat turned into millions of faces. He said this is the valley of the prodigals. They do not know how to return. The Mountains that surround them are strongholds that keep them bound. They are looking for an escape and a way back but it seems hopeless for them. They feel as if they have done too much.

The fourth harvest is of the Prodigals 


He raised the sickle as it turned into a scepter, into the air as the mountains began to shake and the rocks began to fall from the top and the side and the land began to slide off the sides of the mountains. The mountains began to fall apart all around the valley. The sun that was hidden by the mountains began to laser beam through, then it began to shine brightly. Once, where it was cold, clammy and dreary, it became bright, vibrant and warm. The wheat was downtrodden and all of a sudden, the mass amounts of people began to raise their faces and look towards the sun. It turned into the loving face of Jesus, as He had tears in His eyes and longing in His heart for the lost sheep, the prodigals. He stretched out His arms and began to smile upon them. Once there were mountains, now there were His open arms welcoming back the millions upon millions of prodigals. This is the harvest of the prodigal. He lovingly welcomed them home, as His blood washed over them.


He appeared back on His horse again, He raised a shout of victory. He was overjoyed.


He began to swiftly ride again with a sickle in His hand. This time He had a mass amount of people on horses that had joined in. These were the redeemed of the Lord! These were those that were harvested. He was leading the charge as the others were following Him. He began to ride and the army following Him was declaring Jesus Christ is Lord, He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!


The declaration went out as a roar of a lion. Will, you join in and ride with Him was the clarion call? As the gallop of the horses was violently vibrating the ground. The sound grew louder and louder. The hooves were hitting the ground with such force it was causing deep cracks and the ground was breaking up. Then we all came upon fields beyond what the human eye could see. They were vast without letting up. These are the nations; these are the lost souls of humanity. Jesus Christ became a warrior; He was dressed in royalty warrior clothing. He had a fire in His eyes. He was determined to bring in the harvest of lost souls and the discipleship of nations as His inheritance. He said it will take an Army of My People, the harvesters to rise-up with my heart of passion for the lost and dying world. You must do your part. You are sent, Now Go! The Battle Cry went out from the millions in the army of God. The millions answered the call and went out!

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few, therefore pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

Will you answer the Call?


His Harvest is Now!

In Love with Jesus,

~Tammy Brunk 

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