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BE FREE Personal Sessions

At Tammy Brunk Ministries, our heart's desire and pursuit is for Awakening-Revival-Transformation. This begins one heart and life at a time, coming into a personal awakening revival. 

We have developed BE FREE for people to be healed in their soul and physical body, to receive a deep cleansing, and discover root systems that have kept them in cycles of bondage and behavior in their soul. 

Personal Sessions for ministry are all founded on sound biblical doctrine, principles, and protocol. 

These are not magic wand sessions, so to speak. Instead, these sessions will identify the root systems, operational cycles, and trauma in the soul.

We strategically respond through the leading of Holy Spirit. Therefore, you will not only receive your healing and deliverance in these sessions, but we will also teach and equip you so you can walk and live out your freedom.

Financially Invested

Tammy Brunk Ministries - BE FREE operates based on Donations. We want all people to have access to receive personal ministry. Because our ministry functions fully through people giving, We are able to keep this ministry available. We encourage every person to give financially according to the leading of Holy Spirit.


We encourage you to commit and Invest in your personal freedom, purpose and calling. You invest by Sowing into the ministry that Jesus has made available to you through those answering His call.   

Below are giving amounts that are recommended by those who have received this type of ministry. Time is money. and BE FREE ministers give of their time. 

Suggested Giving
Single Ministry Sessions 30 minutes - 4 hours - $20-$200
Couple's Ministry Sessions  $40-$400

Please Note: Each person will be personally evaluated and given a strategy for their personal ministry needs. 

Ready to take your leap into Freedom?

Schedule Your Ministry Session Here

Sessions are Available: Zoom or if available, in person. 

Your First Session?

Your first session will be a consultation. Click on the link for a consultation to make your first session appointment.  

Book your next appointment below. Your appointment will be confirmed within 24-48 hours. 

Please Note when scheduling your appointments....

All Appointments are scheduled according to the Eastern Time Zone

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