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Q & A with Tammy Brunk


How did you come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior?


My life was radically transformed and changed forever in the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola Florida. Check out "Forever He Changed me" on my website. There I share my Testimony about how Jesus radically changed my life!

Do you believe in women in ministry as preachers, teachers etc.?


I do! I believe it is biblical. I cannot deny the calling upon my life regardless of others belief systems, theology and doctrine. I highly recommend reading the book handmaidens by Donna Howell and Apostolic women by Chuck Pierce. These books are Game-Changers! It is time we shift out of the false definitions, error of interpretation of scripture that holds women in bondage and berates them in the name of Jesus. In accordance with these errors we deplete the body of Christ. If you are a woman and you feel called into ministry and are being told you cannot answer because you are a woman. I give you permission as a woman of God to do your due diligence in Biblical Exegesis and read the books recommended above. You will find God our Father through His son Jesus Christ is leading you by His spirit to answer the call on your life!

Do you believe in Apostles and Prophets? 

Yes, They are part of the ascension gifts to the body of Christ. I believe they are still just as much biblical and relevant today as they were when Jesus ascended. 

Do you believe in spiritual fathering?

Yes, I believe in biblical spiritual fathering. Although, I must warn, there are unbiblical teachings, and relationships in the spiritual fathering movement that are control based and toxic to Gods sons and daughters. Look for future writings about spiritual fathering in my blog.


My favorite thing to do is spending quality time with my family, family vacations, traveling, the beach, hiking, bike riding, tennis, working out, reading and gardening. She loves history, adventure and laughing!

Tammy is a certified biblical life coach

Tammy has her Masters in practical ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute. She is pursuing her doctorate.

Tammy has a background as an entrepreneur and Licensed Real Estate agent


Tammy believes in preaching the whole gospel of Jesus Christ


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