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The five W's rest at the heart of every person. Who am I? Why was I born? What is my purpose? Where do I belong? When will I become the person I am meant to be? We have all wrestled with these same five questions. It is the dynamic of the human soul. We all know innately we were meant for something. The question is, what? The question is, how do we find out? These five W's are universal; They intricately connect each one of us.

In essence, the world is searching for its identity!






We, as followers of Jesus Christ, know that our Identity is found in Him. While knowing this, we are searching and have questions on how to come into our identity through Christ Jesus? How do I uncover, discover, unlock, and recover my Identity? How do I find out my calling and destiny? How do I walk in my calling? As an inheritor, How do I live in my inheritance now? 


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We want to Invite You to start a new chapter in your Journey into your Born Identity!

You are invited to be part of 9-weeks of Born Identity. You will be part of life-changing meetings. Ending with "Encounter Weekend". 


Starting: TBA

This is not a program; this is a Bootcamp that brings you into an Identity lifestyle transformation through the power of Holy Spirit. 

Turning ordinary people into extraordinary followers of Jesus Christ.

Location: TBA Orlando.


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For over thirteen years, Tammy has been on a personal journey in her walk with Jesus Christ developing, writing, teaching, imparting, and activating the message that God gave her, "Born Identity." This message is without limits and far-reaching, crossing gender and all ages.

Tammy is the author of the book "Born Identity," due for release in 2023. She developed the 'Born Identity teaching' for Wagner Leadership Institute, Northeast Florida, and taught several six-week classes from 2013-2017. She developed the Born Identity event and launched the event weekend in Orlando, Florida, in September 2017. Tammy has taught Born Identity as a required class in Awakening Harvest School of Ministry First year, 'Kingdom Foundations,' 2018-2019.

Tammy launched 'Born Identity Bootcamp in 2021.


Tammy's desire is to share and impart in others what Jesus Christ has done in and through her life.

Born Identity is the Third Part in BE FREE Ministry of Freedom. 

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