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Orlando is located in the heart of Florida. The name Orlando means beautiful and famous; It's landscape, skyline, and community surely lives up to its name.

Our calling and mission are to establish a home base in Orlando, Florida, for our Awakening Harvest Kingdom Training Center.

Our center will be a place where we minister to Jesus, and His presence can dwell, it will be a place of encounter, healing, and spiritual growth.


Our center will operate according to Ephesians 4:11-15; training, equipping, maturing Gods people for the work of the ministry in Christ Jesus. A place where people can grow, and they are sent out into their harvest field.

The training and equipping center will be home to Awakening Harvest school of ministry.

 Currently, our ministry school is online. For more information about joining our online school community, visit the AHSM website.

To learn more about the vision God has given us check-out Vision.

Tammy is honored to be a part of what God is doing in Orlando Metro and Central Florida.

We want you to be PART!

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