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In the storm 

When hurricane Irma, was heading our way in September 2017 it disrupted everything to include our scheduled ministry event. This was the launching event of Born Identity in our new city God had transitioned us to.


We had speakers scheduled, two worship leaders, a building and purchased insurance. Everything was moving forward smoothly.  Abruptly, there was unexpected interference, the weather! A great disturbance. As we were made aware of the coming storm, initially, we had high hopes it would not do what the forecasters were anticipating. We saw the movement, the dates of predicted arrival and were listening to the local officials. One thing led to another and we realized we are going to have to cancel and reschedule. We had no idea what that looked like and if canceling would dissolve the entire event. We had a lot of moving parts and they would all have to line up quickly.  So, we did our due diligence canceled, informed, and prayed.


God revealed a new and interesting date. The new date was on the eve and day of the new year, 5778 - Rosha Shana. Being that we celebrated Rosha Shana, those dates spoke to my heart. God is doing a new thing and We do not always know what that looks like. Man plans His ways; God guides His steps. As we moved the dates forward and informed and rescheduled the building, everything fell right into place. Even greater than before. We knew Gods' hand was on this event.

Moving forward, we are now dealing with the approaching storm. We decided to hunker down at my house. I had family come up from Naples and Lakeland. We ended up having an unexpected family reunion! Sometimes those spontaneous reunions are more enjoyable than when they are meticulously planned. Most likely, it is because there are no expectations placed on anyone, it just happens.


Thinking we were safe from the major part of the hurricane, it all took a turn for the worst, the eye was coming straight for us!


I had never been in a hurricane like the one coming. We had no idea what to expect. We had only been living in Orlando for 9 months and had moved into a brand-new house in a new development. The first floor of our house was made with cinder block and all our power was underground.


As the storm came angrily raging towards us, its goal was to destroy.

As we were all hunkered down in the house, I remember we had all the lights on, we had the weather channel on. We were cooking, eating, laughing, and carrying on life as usual inside a full house. However, when we looked out the window and opened the door to look at the storm, it was a whole different scenario, the wind was gushing, and it hit 100 mph a few times and stayed steady around 60 mph. The trees were bending and twisting, debris was flying.


At one point, we all attempted to go out and stand under our front porch (made from cinder block) and it was like being in a simulated ride. Looking out was like looking at the screen and watching a hurricane and we are part of the experience. Then we opened the door carefully and all ran back in the house and it was like we just got off the ride. Needless to say, we did this over and over again, it was an adrenaline rush. If you know anything about our family, we love wild rides and roller coasters.


Inside the house there were no sounds of wind, there were only sounds of family, laughter and the weather channel. It was like we were in a cocoon protected from the elements outside. We never lost power, we had plenty of food, water, and family time, it was amazing.

God revealed to me through this event, that this is how it is when we are undergoing an angry raging storm sent from the enemy to target us.


The storm is relentless and destructive, but if we abide in Him and do not Fear, He keeps us under the shadow of His wings.


We can laugh, have joy and gather with our family and friends making wonderful memories. Even though we feel the pressure of the storm, we look out the window and see what its assignment is, we can open the door and go out to investigate what is happening, not moving out from under His protection. We hear the sounds, see the anger and rage, and as we decide to abide in Him and not enter the storm, we are protected and safe.


The storm cannot turn the lights out on us, the storm cannot touch our personal belongings, the storm cannot touch our loved ones, the storm cannot destroy our shelter.


Our Father has given His angels charge over us. Though the storms of our enemy are designed to release evil word curses and name-calling as arrows shot from its temper within the contrary wind, these arrows cannot penetrate and take us out!


He has us sheltered, those arrows and fiery darts will be redirected and dispersed. They will not harm us.

The storm raging against us will try to coerce us into it through false accusations, witnesses. deception and lies being hurled against us and all around us. We cannot allow ourselves to be sucked into it. We cannot allow ourselves to come in the same spirit as the storm.


We are called to Peace. When the contrary winds begin to blow against us and the storm begins to rage around us, our peace is found in the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.


As we move in close to Jesus and abide in Him, we take up our residency with-in Him, not within the storm of our adversary. It is from our place of abiding in Him that we have the authority to speak to the storm as Jesus did "Peace Be Still" dismantling its assignment and destroying its lies.  


~Tammy Brunk  

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