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April 15th, 2013​

I was driving from Daytona Beach to Lakeland, Florida. As I was entering onto highway I-4 going east towards Orlando, The Lord spoke to me; He said this is a HIGHWAY OF MIRACLES. My spiritual eyes opened, and The Lord took me into an aerial view. I saw the map of Florida (looking from the air North of Florida to the south of Florida), and in Huge Letters written over I-4 was the word MIRACLES. ​

Each Letter was enormous. The M started at the beginning of I-4 east and went from Daytona to Tampa. The Lord said to me; He is opening the heavens over Central Florida for Miracles. God has marked this area for Miracles. He proceeded to say that Central Florida is Marked, 4 - Runners of My Glory.​ (play on the number for Highway I-4).

He said there were Extraordinary Miracles released in Central Florida in the '50s; there were miracles of all kinds. God said He is not done with Central Florida. He said there would be another Powerful Outbreak and Move of His Glory in Central Florida.​

I then saw the word MIRACLE on FIRE with The GLORY of GOD, what I was seeing and sensing reminded me of the weighty Glory of God and the Fire of God being released into central Florida, like Solomon's Temple, across I-4.​

Then I saw Arrows were lit on Fire and being shot out from Central Florida in all directions into the United States of America and the nations of the earth.​

From the word MIRACLE on I-4, I saw fiery arrows going out to the panhandle and the panhandle once again going into Revival.​

I saw arrows going to Miami, Key West, and the Islands-Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.

I saw arrows going to North East Florida.


As I was looking at MIRACLES over I-4, I saw tornadoes coming out of the heavens and landing in what was called HOT SPOTS in the greater Orlando metro area and surrounding counties. ​

Theses Hots Spots were numerous and breaking out all over the landscape. They were on fire with the presence and Fire of God.​

These tornadoes were Glory Fire Tornadoes. Inside of each one was miracles of every kind.

The Harvest of Souls: prodigals, lost, and broken coming into the Kingdom of God.

There were miracles of healing in the terminally ill, body parts being released for those needing organs, and who were missing body parts.

I saw papers that said debt paid off, and mortgage notes paid off, etc.

I saw papers that said Divorce Canceled! I saw families being restored; I saw a baby boom of birth certificates.  

I saw death certificates torn-up. I saw weight scales revealing miracles of weight loss.

I saw doctor reports documenting miracles! I saw cancellations of curses and disease. I saw the release of inheritances. I saw gifts of every kind being released, music, writing, witty ideas, innovation, spiritual gifts, salvation.


These tornadoes were releasing what was in heaven into these areas called Hot Spots of The Glory of God.

In Love with Jesus,

Tammy Brunk

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