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All our lives are filled with phases of change, new chapters being written, new years to begin again; however, when God closes not only one chapter but an entire book and begins a whole new book concerning you, your spouse and family it is quite liberating and jolting all at the same time.

I metaphorically compare it to a transplant of vegetation.  You put a seed in a small pot and allow it room to grow, as it grows and matures it begins to bear fruit, however one day you realize the entire pot is a root system, there is no more room for growth, in fact, if you don’t remove it out of its pot the growth of the plant will be stunted, it will never reach the height or fruit production that it was designed to reach. The nutrients needed to keep the plant and fruit are now limited due to the limited space for root growth, soil, and food in the pot. So, like any good caretaker, you find a much bigger pot to put your plant in, a pot that has a lot of room for growth, you may even realize the plant is mature enough that it is time for it to be planted in the garden where there is unlimited amount of space for growth available.

The transition of the plant is a very sensitive one and the plant needs support, care, love and nurturing because it is the most vulnerable during the transplant. The roots are dug up and exposed, the transition means life or death for the plant. Once the plant has been properly removed and planted in new soil, new ground it must take root in that new place.

Just like us, when we transition, we go through the uprooting and replanting. Our roots are pulled up and removed from our environment and habitat, then we are introduced to a new environment and we must be planted properly and take root. This process can make or break us! Our scenery changes, our environment changes, our sphere of influence changes our relationships change, our workplaces change and our ministry changes.

So many different areas of our lives are being redefined all at once. This brings us to a crucial part of our transition process.

One we must prioritize and learn as we develop a deeper root system and relationship in Jesus Christ. Even though we maybe in pre-transition, entering transition or right in the middle of transition we must learn how to abide in the one who is the same yesterday, today and forever.


He said He will never leave us nor forsake us. We must hold on to Him and His words. They anchor us, as the sea of turmoil, strife and betrayal are swirling all around us. He will not disown us as a son or daughter. He is faithful and just.  As we hold on tightly, our relationship with Jesus will only grow and become stronger. In return we will grow and become stronger in our faith and trust.  When He is made center of our entire existence everything around us can be tested and shaken, but our life in Him will never be moved. We will stand strong deeply rooted in Him.

~Tammy Brunk

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