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It seems, we as the body of Christ have come into God ordained times of Transition. I don’t believe it is just limited to the body of Christ. I believe the world, the governments, and the spheres of influence are all in transition. It is a Global movement.


There has been a recognition of the closing of one era and the beginning of a new era. We see it all around us, Transition! You might be thinking of someone right now that is transitioning or perhaps, you are in Transition!

I am compelled to write and speak about this hot topic due to the transition me and my family have been in over the course of a few years. Although, as I look back, hine sight always being 20/20, I realize this transition has been going on for quit some time! 

Our transition began back in February 2013, my grandma passed away. She lived in Kissimmee Florida; she was retired Disney. It was always a joy to go and visit grandma. She would take us to all the parks and make our visit adventurous. As I was sitting in the back of her church that she was a member of for 26 years, I went into a vision. In the vision, a flaming torch came towards me. The Lord began to speak to me about Transition. He said to me, I’m passing the torch. He gave me a vision of the Orlando Metro area. It was an interesting vision that left a lot of questions. The one thing that happen to me, was my eyes were open to see Orlando and central Florida differently. Instead of seeing it as a place where we would go to visit Grandma, and have our time of rest and relaxation, the vision began to reveal to me how God sees Orlando and in return the vision began to redefine how I saw Orlando.

Through a series of God orchestrated events I ended up back in Orlando August 2013 to attend Voice of the Apostles gathering.


While driving on I4 east towards Orlando on a beautiful sunny morning, I was in worship and went into a vision. The Lord showed me His heart for Orlando, He revealed that Orlando was an Apostolic International Hub. That He was calling us to move here and start an Apostolic training center. For me at that moment it was quit overwhelming. There were many things about what God was sharing that I marveled at. One thing I thought was, this is So big and I am so small. What does this even look like? As I brought all my visions and revelations to my leader to have them judged, God revealed even more of His heart. As I had already been discipled under a leader for 13 years and ordained for 5 years. God was revealing greater measures of my life’s work and precisely what I needed to be trained for. My spiritual leader and I began the process of preparation, training and equipping to do what God was calling me and my family to in central Florida and internationally.

During the years of preparation and equipping me and my husband had no clue how long this process would be. We had no insight to the day, month nor year we would officially transition. These are times of learning to abide, and learning to stay focused.

One thing I have learned about God is He will stir passion in you by showing you the future you are not ready for. Why? I believe because it gives you hope, reveals purpose, calling and it reveals your objective. It reveals what you need to properly train and be equipped for. Of course, when we see it, we get so zealous, we think we are ready before we are ready.


During these times, we must get all our faculties under control! Coming into the fruit of patience and self–control. We cannot afford to step out of the assignment God has us in. He always expects us to learn what is needed for the next assignment. He also expects us to finish where we are at and finish it well!

~Tammy Brunk

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