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Image Bearers 

We are called to bear the image of Jesus Christ. Our adversary came to destroy the Image of God. He hates humankind because they remind Him of his creator and his rebellion. He once worshiped our God, lived, and breathed the air in the throne room. He was a cherub who guarded the throne. He rebelled and exalted himself five times above his God. He wanted to be God. He tried to overthrow his creator and take his place. In the fall of humankind in the Garden, humans to on the likeness of darkness and evil through eating from the tree of the serpent. Through Jesus Christ, we can shed the skin of the serpent and be restored to the likeness and image that was lost in the Garden. Our image is not sinning; our image is Holy as Jesus is Holy. Our image is not unrighteousness; He makes us righteous. We are to reflect Him and represent Jesus to the world. 

To bear His image, we need to know Him. Knowing about Him will not change us into His likeness. We have to encounter Him, practice being in His presence, learn Him, and walk with Him. He becomes our everything. Bearing His image is not done by striving, religion, legalism, or a list of rules this is done in His presence and living in His word. 

We are establishing gatherings of men and women, young and old who will learn how to worship, practice His presence and bear the image of Jesus Christ, becoming salt and light to our Region and the sphere of influences they are called to Impact. 

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