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Heart of a Revivalist

The heart of revival. "You can give me everything, but without your presence, God, it is all meaningless!"

Exodus 32-33 reveals, even though the Israelite's had sinned in the sight of the Lord with the Golden calf, God would not relent on His promises. God said that He would send an angel to go before them. The angel would keep them and take them into the land flowing with milk and honey. However, He said that His presence would depart from them!

These words were gutwrenching to the Israelites and exposed their hearts. Even though God was keeping His promise, His presence would no longer be with them.  


They began to humble themselves in obedience and mourn over their loss of God's presence. Amid what was taking place, Moses rose with fervent spontaneity for them to be reconciled back!


He set up a tent of meeting outside of the camp, indicating the separation of God's presence from His people. It was through seeking God that restoration began to manifest in the camp. As Moses entered the tent of meeting and pursued God's presence, the heart of the people rose in worship. The beginnings of Revival were ignited!


I will not go without you!

Moses was adamant in his pursuit of God's presence! He wanted the Israelite's to be reconciled and restored to right standing with God.


Moses reveals that he was not self-reliant; he knew his source. What is an angel compared to God Himself?  Moses pressed into God, reminding Him of those words He had spoken to him and was looking for a guarantee from God. He wanted God to know His hearts cry, that he would not leave where they were at if God did not go with them. Moses was not bound by fear; he was bound by passion! Passion for God's people to be Identified by their God.


Moses knew that he was not the source of the power that freed them from the bondage of Pharaoh, nor was the power that parted the red sea so that they could cross over. He knew their identity came through the one true God. He knew that in His presence, their real identity and power source would be manifest for all to see!

My prayer is that we would become a people who yearn for Jesus's heart of restoration. We will not pursue things in this life without Him that the spirit of individualism and independence are broken off us! Lord, bring us into the realization that we need you in every detail of our lives. That we are not seekers of what you can do for us, that we are those who pursue your presence!

In Love With Jesus,

~Tammy Brunk

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