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Here come the naysayers!

On our Journey, especially during times of transition, many will find through-out the process that the naysayers will arise. During the times and season the Lord is promoting and expanding our territory many will encounter the Naysayers.


A Naysayer is one who opposes, denies, and refuses what God is saying and doing in our lives. They oppose change, are skeptical and/or they even take it a step further and they become cynical of His movement in our lives.  When they become cynical about you, they will become sarcastic and mock you, scorning what God has asked you to do.

There will always be a naysayer that will oppose what God has called us to do. Therefore,

we cannot allow ourselves to take on an offense. We must be able, by the spirit of God, to recognize it for what it is.


Peer level naysayers can be a struggle as you question their motivations. However, when those who are authority figures and leaders in your life reveal their true thoughts and oppose the call of God on your life, it can be extremely intimidating and challenging to navigate through.

There was someone throughout our transition into Orlando who mocked me, made fun of our vision, twisted our words and created false narratives about us. They even went as far as to say, to my face, that the vision that we have, will never happen.  It was absolutely astounding and a hellish onslaught against the call of God on our lives. As I was sitting in front of this person and they spoke those words, The Lord opened my eyes immediately and showed me the operation of the spirit behind the words.


The Lord reminded me that we do not war against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of darkness, rulers and wickedness in high places. The Lord said Do not entertain or agree with your adversary, the devil. The Grace of God enabled me at that moment to say, what your saying is not true, and we will establish what God has called us here to do, removing the sting and power of the spoken word.


The power of Holy Spirit prompted me at that moment to speak with His authority and dismantle untruth, declare His truth and will for our lives to happen.  

The reality was, that the person was making it personal, however it was not personal. Gods will for someones life is not personal, it has nothing to do with us. It is God's created plan for them, that was formed before the foundations of the earth.  When they spoke those words, they were actually speaking to Father God’s will and callings for our lives and the territory He called us into.  

We must always be vigilant, meaning alert and sober, because the devil is like a roaring lion seeking out who he may devour. He does not want us to fulfill Gods will for our lives in this earth. He will use anyone close to us that will take his bait. We must not allow ourselves to be ones that he can use. 


We see this very thing happen when Peter heard from God and released His revelation of Jesus Identity. Then we see how Peter takes a breath, turned and agreed with the adversary against The Fathers will for Jesus Christ life and redemption for all of humankind.


Peter had no idea what he was talking about, he made it personal. We can see how those that are believers in Jesus Christ can see our identity in Christ Jesus and release the revelation by the spirit of God about us. However,  as soon as the will of God is being shared that will result in the manifestation of Gods Kingdom Power on this earth through us, many, just like Peter, will turn and agree with the devil against the will of The Father for our life and His purposes being released on this earth.

Just like Jesus, we must be bold and quick to respond to the lies of the enemy being released against us and God’s will for our lives. Jesus immediately said, get behind me satan! 

We must rise and disagree with the lies of our adversary and declare the truth of God. say get behind me satan, because that is who is behind the words and thoughts being agreed with and spoken.   

~Tammy Brunk

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