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When God says go!

When God says your time is now, you must go! Suddenly, you know it is time to transition into what He has been preparing you for. There is so much excitement and mystery in the “GO” You want all those you have been running with to feel the exhilaration and mystery you feel. You have been in the trenches, growing, warring and overcoming for so many years, now it is time for you to be sent out in a greater measure into the harvest field, as a co-laborer.

However, when God says “Go” it doesn’t always relay the way you would hope to others around you. There are those who will oppose you for obeying God. That seems like an oxymoron in the body of believers however, there are those who put their own personal beliefs, ways and desires above what God wants for others’ lives.

Sometimes the very people you thought would be cheering you on and the most excited for you will be the ones to oppose you and are offended by your obedience to God.

 Even though we are surprised by this individually, we must not be surprised biblically.

Jesus was obedient to the Father above religion and tradition. His obedience ultimately led Him to the cross and it was the religious who wanted Him dead.

The word says, “they killed Him because of their envy.” Now we are not Jesus, however Jesus said we would fellowship in His sufferings. That in this life we would have tribulation but be of good cheer because He has overcome the world.

There are things God is going to ask you to do that those around you will not like or agree with. There are promotions God will give you that will separate you from your peers. There are adventures God will take you on that those you have been running with for years will not be able to go with you.

What I have learned through my twenty-one-year Journey with Jesus is that He is the one that transitions His people and He is the one that hand’s out the promotions. Those who do not agree with God for us will separate themselves from us.

There are many who will not agree with God for His plan for your life! There are many who will seem like they are for you then you will find, as Jesus did, they honored you with their lips, yet their hearts were far from you. You may find when you are no longer a direct benefit, you are no longer part. It can be a painful process when God shines His light on the true motives and definitions of relationships you held dear to your heart. 

What many of us will find in our seasons of transition is not everyone will transition with us. We will find things will begin to change in a very strange and awkward way as our time for transition approaches. We will begin to hear and see the hearts of those we had been running with for years. The hearts will sound different and look different than we had known.

One thing I have learned through transition is God is not at all caught off guard nor surprised by all that takes place. He is aware of what is coming and what will happen. For God knows our hearts more than we know our hearts.

During transition everyone involved has a choice, we can either move in the spirit of God and a right humble heart or move in our flesh and open-up ourselves to offense, strife and pride.

During transition we are making these choices every single day.

Remember, Jesus did not guarantee us a life without trials, betrayal, rejection, etc. in fact, He guaranteed us the opposite. However, He gave us the antidote to all those operations, Be of Good Cheer for I have overcome.

We can abide in Him greater in times of abandonment and betrayal and receive greater measures of His Grace, Joy, Humility, and Love to overcome through the Ultimate overcomer, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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