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Insanity​ or Transition?

The spirit of the lord has been saying a famous quote to me for over three years now. “Doing the same thing over-and-over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”

As I would hear this quote, I would ask, what keeps us in this cycle of insanity? We have all been there at some point in our lives.


After questioning this for quite some time, I believe the answer lies within our thinking. For the word of God says, For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7. This scripture is eye opening. 

There are many people being called out in the body of Christ. God is doing a new thing within His people.


Our transition requires our thinking to change. A

If we are not willing to change our thinking, we will never be able to transition out of the old into the new.


Some people think the change that brings transition is like rearranging a room. Taking the couch from one wall and placing it against another wall, moving the table from horizontal to vertical, placing a vase on a different table, and a picture in a different room. That is change however, that kind of change is not Transition.


Our call to transition requires a change in a more radical manner. It requires a fundamental change. Everything is in question! Transition reveals our thinking, therefore, reveals our heart.

Thinking must change to transition into the new. As our thinking changes our results will change.

The word of God says for us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Romans 12:2. Transformed actually means a revolution is taking place.


We are revolutionized through our renewed thinking. The old pattern and ways are dismantled and removed to allow new thoughts to enter. It is a flushing out of the old and a receiving of the new.

Our old ways of thinking will block our renewing through our heart issues of fear of loss, fear of the unknown, and intimidation. The word of God says perfect love cast out all fear. Through putting on the mind of Christ, as the word tells us, His heart and ways are revealed to us. Through God's peace, love, and power of Holy Spirit we will overcome the fear that is holding us back.

There are those who have to be in control of everything. Because Control is fear based they feel they cannot let go, they have to be in control of the transition. The reality is we are not in control of the transition. Our transition is a faith journey.


When we try and control, label, and define tranitistion we are no longer transitioning into what God has called us to. We will walk ourselves right back into rearranging the room because we can control and micromange the rearranging. We will try and say we are in the new era, with the couch against a different wall. We will say we are receiving the new wine because we washed out the old jar and put it in a different cabinet. We will say we transisitoned based on surface change but fundamentally we have put a new dress on the old for apperance sake. We will never transition into the fullness of what God has for our lives staying in control. Fear will always imprison us to the past. Why? Because it is familiar and we can control what we know.

Control fortify's our wrong thinking. 

Through letting go of the past ways of our thinking and grabbing hold of faith in Jesus Christ, receiving His thoughts and ways we will come into the new!

Anytime you bungy jump it is scary. But with Jesus Christ as the one catching you it is exhilrating. It is time to Faith It! It is time to jump!


We have to be willing to let go of the past to embrace the future.

Many of us are stuck in our past: ways, beliefs, traditions, wounds, hurts, and offenses that pride has set in and formed a stronghold.


Pride will keep us in cycles of insanity because we are unwilling to admit our wrongs, repent, and forgive. Pride will not allow the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of Holy Spirit to heal, wash, and deliver us.

Humility is key to our coming out of wrong thinking so we can transition into what God has for us. When we humble ourselves, repent, and seek the truth, our thinking will change, and our situations will change.


Our ways of thinking reveal whether we can continue to be taught and transformed.

The process of transition will challenge every thought within our hearts. We will either embrace God's ways and thoughts and fully transition into the new or we will cling to our beliefs, opinions, traditions, and misinterpretations and abort our transition leaving us in a shallow appearance of change.


Our transition will bring us to the threshing floor, taking a long hard look at what we have been thinking, speaking, and believing—questioning if we are releasing God's heart and His ways or are we releasing our own opinions and beliefs.

The question we must ask ourselves when God is calling for us to transition out of the old era into the new era. Are we transitioning, or are we rearranging the room? Changing our address and putting a new sign or logo up for appearance's sake? All while, fundamentally, our thinking patterns, attitudes, and ways are the same? Are we still trying to pour the new wine into the old wineskins?

My prayer is that we as sons and daughters of God receive God's perfect love, peace, and power of Holy Spirit to defeat and overcome the intimidation that is working to stun and paralyze us. That we will not allow the spirit of this world to mold our minds. We will not allow the enemy to write our history. That we will tune our ears into the voice of God and grab a hold of our faith in Him. That we will not be moved by what is happening in this world, but that we will be moved by what is happening in the throne room of heaven.  and allow God's word and power to revolutionize our lives in Jesus Christ through the renewing of our minds by the power of His Spirit.

In Love with Jesus

~Tammy Brunk 

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