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Anytime God has given us vision and calls us out on the water, so to speak, our eyes must remain fixed on Jesus. When our eyes and our dependency are on ourselves, our circumstances and/or other people, we will falter in our faith. When our eyes are completely fixed on Jesus and we are utterly dependent upon Him, we will walk on the water. He will work miracles in our Journey. He will open ways which seem impossible. 


A lot of times we are dependent upon people, we hold them up and set them on a pedestal. We look to them for our breakthrough, our success, our source and resource when it comes to the vision God gave to us. We replace the one who gave us the vision with humankind and their abilities. 

When God gives us a vision and calls us out, He calls us into full dependency upon Him. When He called peter out of the boat, He was calling Peter out of a place of security, dependency, away from all those around him. Jesus called him out, alone, into the unknown. He called him to walk on water, to literally defy gravity, to defy logic and reason.


He called him into the miraculous, where peter could rely on no one else, peter could not even rely on himself, peter could not rely on what was under his feet. He had to fully rely on Jesus. He was stripped of any other choice. When Peter put his eyes on Jesus all the fear, insecurities, inferiority disappeared, the impossible became possible. Once peter took his eyes off Jesus the impossible became the impossible again, fear gained authority and all his insecurities and human inabilities came rushing back.

In our transition Jesus said you will follow me. You will step out into the great unknown. When we follow Jesus and the will of the father for our lives, people will betray us; however, we should not be embittered about their betrayal. We must come to realize we are of a fallen nature and all need a savior. We must realize our hope and our help comes from the Lord and He will never fail us.

People have their places in our lives, and in our ministries, however they are never to take the place of the will of the Father for our lives. I have learned, whatever we do not allow to take us out will make us stronger in Christ Jesus and we will rise up in triumphant faith.


Through our faith journey, today as I am writing, I feel stronger in the Lord than ever before.  I have learned and grown through this experience. God has opened my eyes and ears to greater spiritual understanding, knowledge and wisdom through my failures and others failure. There is a settling in my spirit as the Lord has revealed to me. He has me, He is for me and He will never leave me nor forsake me.

~Tammy Brunk

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