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On 2013, February 9th, while in Kissimmee, Florida, at my grandmother’s funeral, the Lord began to speak to me as He took me into a vision. In the vision, I saw a burning torch being passed to me. Then suddenly, my eyes and heart opened to the Orlando metropolitan area and the central Florida region. The Lord began to speak about His inheritance, purpose, and calling in the land.


As Orlando was highlighted in my spirit, I began to pursue God to understand further what He was showing me. Over the next few months, He began to expand the vision. He revealed the words "Awakening, Revival, Transformation" in that order. He then highlighted the acronym A.R.T.


In April 2013, as I was driving down I4 going west towards Orlando, He took me into another vision. He began to show me miracles being released and hot spots all over the Orlando Metro area. (you can find the full vision in Tammy’s blog)


In August of 2013, early in the morning, while driving on I-4 east towards Orlando, I was caught up in another vision. This time the vision was even more profound and began to tie all the other visions together. In this vision, I saw a building. In writing, I saw the word Awakening-Revival-Transformation Training Center. The lord began to speak to me about Orlando being an Apostolic International Hub. He said I am calling you and Brian to Orlando, Central Florida Region. He said I want you to launch an Awakening Harvest Kingdom Training and Equipping Center.


The center will be a place where we come to minister to Jesus, a place of worship and prayer, where His presence is welcome and can dwell, where people can encounter Jesus. A place people can receive miracle-healings in their physical bodies, where they can receive healing in their soul and deliverance—a place where people come into their identity in Christ. A place where the five-fold ministry will operate, where God's sons and daughters can be equipped, grow, and mature into the likeness of Jesus Christ and be sent out into the harvest fields to make Jesus known. As they are sent out to impact the seven spheres of influence they are called to in our cities, regions, and nations.


The mandate was weighty, and the fire began to burn within me for the region.


Over the last seven years, God has been preparing us for this endeavor. As my husband and I transitioned from the northeast region, Jacksonville, Florida, into Central Florida Region, Orlando Metro, in 2017, our hearts burn with Awakening Revival Reformation. We burn for what God wants to do. 


We are not alone! We are part of an Army that God is raising in this hour to advance His Kingdom and make Jesus known throughout the nations of the earth. It is an honor and privilege to be among the many who answer the call for such work and for such a time as this.

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